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New executive programme for members of enterprise families

In September 2023, the new Executive programme Responsible Ownership for Enterprise Families (ROEF) will start at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in partnership with Family Office Exchange, endorsed by David Rockefeller jr.

This new programme empowers rising generation family members to become successful, impactful, and inspiring members of their enterprise families and aims to elevate the field of enterprise family education.

The programme offers a comprehensive learning experience through interactive workshops, case studies, assessments, real-world projects, simulations, distinguished guest speakers, and networking activities. These activities provide participants with competitive insights, help them develop their expertise, and expand their professional network.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, esteemed faculty, networking opportunities, and flexible learning options, the programme offers a transformative experience for participants to become more engaged owners or leaders in their family business, foundation, family office, or overall enterprise.

“We have learned it is complex for enterprise family members to be successful for multiple generations. It is of the utmost importance to equip rising generations with the right knowledge, skills, and connections to be successful.” – Maarten de Groot, PhD

Participants in the ROEF programme are typically in their twenties and thirties and come from diverse backgrounds in terms of country of origin, industry, generation, and stage of development of their enterprise family. It is designed to foster growth and learning, allowing participants to master both financial and non-financial skills required and overcome the challenges faced by transgenerational enterprise families and provides them with the experience and hard and soft skills needed to support their family in an increasingly complex society and challenging world.

The programme spans nine months and includes three 5-day modules, live in Amsterdam and Miami, as well as one-on-one coaching with a personal mentor and four 2.5-hour scheduled online modules. This combination creates an accessible and diverse learning environment that maximizes the programme's value and impact. The flexible structure allows participants to effectively balance their professional commitments while pursuing a successful future in their family enterprise.

Enrolment for the inaugural cohort in September 2023 is now open.

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